Our Mission
Passion Community Exclusivity
  • Airborne Exotic Car Club is a leading provider of storage for luxury, rare classic and exotic cars located in Petaluma, CA.
  • We cater to high-value automobile enthusiasts. We offer a state of the art facility to look after your prized possession…..YOUR AUTOMOBILE.
  • Airborne Exotic Car Club (AECC) is an exclusive via invitation experience, because storing a vehicle of your caliber takes effort and time.
  • AECC is a Country Club for YOUR Car and YOU!

Our Storage Services



Security is very important to us.

Your safety and the protection of your assets matter.
24 hour surveillance provides incident detection through continuous monitoring of the facility so nothing happens to your vehicle.


State of the art climate control.

All electric climate controlled environments for the car storage area.
Weather can have adverse effects on your auto. A climate controlled storage facility not only maintains the temperature but also keeps the humidity in check no matter the weather outside.


Keeping your car ready to go.

A maintenance schedule keeps your car's vitals up-to-date.
We check the battery on a regular basis and provide support as needed, keeping your car in top shape for your next drive.


Keeping your car safe

We are interested
in your safety on the road. Concierge services include a complimentary tire check, and fill if needed, so you can hit the road with confidence.

Our Concierge Services



Hours 7am-8pm

Flexible pick up times.
Your car can be made available by phone, email, or through the web app. Your vehicle will be ready and waiting when you arrive to pick it up.


Upon Request

The benefits of a clean auto include longer vehicle life, keeping the paint job in good shape, safer driving with better visibility, and personal pride.

The Garage

A better way to store your car.

The Garage Advantage includes vehicle monitoring for fluid leaks and other signs of stress that may not be readily apparent. It is a clean facility where you can be sure your car is safe.


A secure transaction.

You can consign your auto. The convenience and security of the location make it easier to meet potential buyers.

Passion Community Exclusivity
Passion is about the driving experience.
Rallies are a great place to come and mingle with people with similar interests.
We take rides and attend meets together, exploring the beautiful Northern California coast, an overnight to Shasta, or just a short jaunt around Petaluma and back to the club house lounge for refreshments.
Passion Community Exclusivity
Community is one of our main goals.
There are numerous opportunities for gathering and events. We celebrate the joy and camaraderie of club membership while enjoying fine dining, wineries and interesting destinations.
Passion Community Exclusivity
Exclusivity is a place of your own.
Enjoy our luxurious lounge featuring a comfortable and elegant setting.
Have a drink at the espresso bar or choose from a variety of soft drinks
and then ride the race simulator for more thrills.
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